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Feels scammy

If you select the free trial it will AUTOMATICALLY start charging you $35 at the end of that 3 days. I can’t find any information on how to cancel this. I think the customer should have the choice to buy or not after the 3 days. It’s scammy to automatically bill then then make it difficult for them to cancel. If you have an amazing product this shouldn’t be a problem. The way it’s set up now, I could NOT do anything with the app without agreeing to be billed. It’s a joke. No thanks.




I like what the app offers for free but I want to get a subscription but don’t want a full year is there anyway to buy like a month subscription

False advertising

Using fitness models


I signed for a tree days free trail and they charged me 38.24 dlls! Why?

Trash app

Make you pay for everything waste of time


This app was nothing like the add on instagram. They made it look real and every touch up they had was obviously fake

Beware the subscription

None of the features displayed in the advert they use are free and also needs to activate a subscription which will bill 3 days after you start the trail unless you specifically cancel it. Shady marketing

Ok app

I really like this app but you cannot shape your body differently without having to pay which is a down side but other wise is a very good app for pictures

You have to pay. Not free

All the cool stuff costs money. Bunk app

Free version does not allow testing

Free version does not allow testing of the product. Great system guys... why don’t you let me see what I’m buying without making jump through “3 day trial” hoops.


How iTunes even allows auto-renewal especially when the app is designed so that you DON’T even notice it is insane. The terms for auto-renewal were only clear when I saw the reviews on the App Store. I’ve been scammed out of months of “subscription” for an app I deleted because the effects are pretty bad. I want my money back.

Really ... disappointed

Ok first and foremost, really? The app says free to try but in all reality it should say free to download pay to try. You cannot do anything with the application as even the basics are locked until payment is received. Don’t believe the 5/4 star ratings these were not earned but paid.


I thought it was good till I downloaded and every time I try to use a tool it goes to the premium offer or whatever. Won’t pay, will get another one.

Monthly payment

App is a joke,35 $ a year lol.

Subscription charges?!

Waste of time

Waste of time!!!

All these hypocrites want is your money!! Can’t do anything without paying them first


Can’t sample how this app works without committing to a year subscription. A “3 day trial” is offered, but if you forget to cancel you’re charged....

It’s fun

Fun to play around but o don’t like paying for things

gotta pay for literally anything


To bad

It would be so great if I didn't have to pay for it because I actually like the app and the concept,but I can't use it unless I pay for it

It’s good, but...

It’s a great app, but the fact that the developers make you pay for the most wanted effects is quite disappointing. Don’t waste your time downloading unless you want to pay monthly for the “better” effects.

I love it

I love it🍫🤪

Stop making people download scams!

Stop just stop! Charge $2 upfront!

Ripped off

So, I tried the free trial, and the app itself is decent, however not exactly what I was looking for, I deleted the app and canceled the trial. A week or so later I reviewed my bank statement and noticed that $50.00 was taken out by this app! I tried contacting apple and the customer service at photoable and haven’t gotten a response! So, to anyone wondering if they should try the app, this is my warning! If you want to get ripped off for $50.00, be my guest! If by some chance I can get ahold of the customer service, and get my refund, I will change my rating because the app itself is decent but the unhelpful customer service completely ruined my experience!

Bruh?!? Why lies!!

Ok so on the cover the dude with the surf board the abs look at the before pic he has no tattoo and the after pic he does. So it’s fake. They weren’t and from the app it’s his real abs!! This app won’t make money when they lie!!

I love the way y’all design your art

Y’all are amazing


You have to pay for everything and it’s not very smart sry.

Costs money to use once app installed

Seem cool, but misleading that it costs money to use even though app is free.



Not a free at all

This up is not a free. You need to pay before to use.

Nothing is Free

Download is free, after that almost nothing else is. All prompts for free, automatic charging subscriptions.


I do not recommend. You only have access on 20% of the things they show you in the ads. The stuff they put in the ads needs payment to be unlocked. NOPE I DO NOT LIKE IT


You can’t use anything unless you subscribe and that’s $40 a month. Useless app.

You have to pay for everything

User tools decent you have to pay no matter what.

Not free

Can't do anything shown with out paying they are just download swindling


I did the free trial, and cancelled it with in 3 minutes. This app is horrible, as it provides no real world use.


Engañan con la publicidad en Facebook. No es nada gratis. Para poder retocar las fotos debes pagar afiliación. Ladrones

You stole my money!!

I cancelled the subscription before it was supposed to start, and you still charged me $35 for the year!!!! Please refund it!!!!!!

Lies!! Everything is charged on this app. Not free

This app charges for everything. There is no reason they should advertise it being free but charging everything in it.


It’s makes you pay for everything. It’s not worth your time.

Horrible app!!!! Waste of time!!!

Horrible app and waste of time!!!!

This app is Bomb

I just wish You didn’t have to pay


Trash can


I canceled my subscription to this app while I had the free trial, and it still purchased the subscription.


This all charges you $40 a MONTH! And the picture editing features are terrible! Any positive review you read are planted here by them! Stay far away!!

Won’t let you try any of the advertised features without $$$

Won’t let you try any advertised features without a subscription. A shame. This app went straight into the trash.


This is a scam they taking money out my card

No stars

Make you pay a subscription what happen to the good ole days where they actually told you you have to pay before you even waist your time downloading

Terrible and fake reviews

The app doesn’t work, the hairstyles don’t line up. Plus, the app said it would let me access premium stuff for free if I gave a 5 star review.

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