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I want my money back!!!!!


This app is just gross , it leaves a water mark ! And you have to buy the Hair and all that 😬 You could’ve put that in the Ad like come on it’s not that hard 🙄 like scam !


Ich habe ein YouTube Video in der Stadt und Land zu verlassen hat sich die Frage ist nur eine kleine Gruppe von Menschen mit Behinderung des Tages noch nicht so gut wie nie zuvor hatte er du hast mich auf dich gewartet werden kann das auch schon wieder


This app is a scam. Can’t use it if you don’t pay, plus the options they have are very lame and ridiculous


The app is great. The one problem I have with it is that I canceled the subscription then 2 days later I get 36 dollars taken out of my account from you guys. If i cancel and get the notification I shouldn’t be charged for it. Can’t get in contact with anyone from the company to get my refund so here I am.

Why are there in-app purchases?

If you want an app to cost money, you should just charge money for the entire app instead of making inside of the app. It kinda bums people out when they see exciting adds for a super cool app, and then find out that everything you saw costs money AFTER you buy the app. Comment if you agree

Too many

I love it but its too many go pros

Thanks asswhole!

I downloaded this stupid app just so I can fiddle with it! I took a pic of my arm and wanted to put something just as simple as a tattoo but OH NOO I had to pay? For a sucky tattoo? It’s just basically taking a picture of you because if you don’t buy the “upgrade” you can’t do crap. Deleted and done. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Do not waste your time!

Dont waste your time with this app. They want you download it saying its free to download, but then want 40$ a year or you cant access anything in the app. Waste of money even if you did buy it.. plenty of good free apps put there that do a better job.


Money hungry losers who pay for fake reviews and make everything in the app a monthly payment


Don’t download this app they make you pay for everything! It’s like $35 yearly. SCAM

Why can’t you let us try it for “free”

Why would you need cc info if it’s a free trial smh...

Be careful!!

This app will trick you into subscribing and paying $38.51 while making it seem like it is free. Had to speak to Apple Support to have it canceled and removed. I will not use their products anymore.


I had the app and then I deleted it after I found out I didn’t like it, and they charged me $37.97 that I can’t get back.

cool app

love this app


This app is kinda garbage 3 day trial and you have to pay nearly 40 bucks screw that not worth it for a basic app.

👍🏻 ممتاز

جيد جداً

This app is pure useless if you don’t pay

They are forcing you to purchase their VIP subscription. If you don’t pay, this app has no features left.

This app is really bad

Every thing is money u guys should put everything for free then ppl will like this app I can’t get nothing this app is the worst app ever that I got on my phone please fix this app like now or nobody is going to get it when u do then I get it 1 Out of 5 stars 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

when on the app

after you get the app the make u pay 2.99 a month if you want to actually use the editing parts of the app which is ridiculous because it’s is supposed to be a free app it lets you do a free 3 day trial then you have to pay 3 dollars monthly

This is a scam

They charged me a year subscription with little to no warning which charged $35 to use this app for a year. This app is a joke. No app is worth the price. Do not subscribe To Anything they ask! What a waste of money.

Don’t download

So the app actually looks interesting when you just see it befor downloading you think everything is free and you can use it but when you download it and you wanna use it you will see that you should pay to use the cool items actually every items.


I got the app hoping to “reshape” a picture of myself and was disappointed because the configurations weren’t realistic and you had to pay for them. Don’t get this app, it will waste your time and money.

highly recommended

such a good app

it’s ok

i didn’t find any of the free stuff, and i came from a “commercial” on my phone that said i could change my hair to a realistic hair style and i could make me look like i have abs, and i have to pay for everything!

They played you

They don’t mind to tell you that you have to pay to get the muscles and hair🙄


You literally can’t do anything without buying everything or downloading a whole different app to do one extra effect


Not Recommended (Full Stop)



Not worth it

Really dumb app, not only is it stupid but they charged me $39 for it when I didn’t even agree to it. Save your money people.

Fake advertisement

App seemed cool When they advertise it but they don’t tell you, you need to pay for all the features..

Loving it!

Affordable. Easy.

Amazing app!! 🙂❗️⭐️

I love it. I can’t explain how my time runs with this amazing application. Super cool tools💙

Do not download this app

This is a subscription trap. The title says it all. Why can't I just have a one time purchase? No one likes a once a month purchase. Nothing I tried was free, and that makes the majority of these ads fake. Either change the app, or not have anyone use it.

Why is this even “free”?

You can’t do anything on this app unless you pay for the subscription fee. Why did they even make this app free? It’s a deceptive way to make users pay for it. Don’t even bother downloading this app.

not what i expected

I signed up thinking i was getting a free trial just to find out my bank account has been charged almost $40. sent them a message and of course i’ve heard nothing back. definitely a scam.


Very nice SO GOOD


Great app love how I can fix mi pictures


I got excited about the app until I realized that the slimming feature (the reason I got the app) cost money. If you are wanting to not spend money on an app. Don’t buy this one

Nice app for a non professional

I love it!


I did a free trial, and cancelled it as soon as I got it, they still charged me $35. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, IT IS A SCAM!!!!

👍🏼so cool

I love it

Pass on this one

Literally everything is blocked behind a pay wall. Maybe I’m just feeling cynical tonight, maybe this app is crap... It’s probably just crap. You’ll probably delete it immediately, just like I did.


I love the selections available in this map. I’m excited to explore the possibilities more and I familiarize myself with it. 👍🏼👍🏼

Subscription Trap

The app looks interesting. However, it’s a subscription model. I like to try apps first, without it having the built in sucker you into a subscription payment model. I would have tried the app if it simply had a trial that expired (Not a trail, that rolls into a subscription). Then after the trial expired offer me the subscription. That’s a better way to build customer trust in my opinion, and not make it feel like your trying to sucker people into a subscription before they really know the product.


They get you to download it for free but once you get on the app everything costs money


Simple and easy to use. Great filters. Fair price for all you receive. Good job guys.

Free app you have to pay for

Wow. Thank you so much for this free app that is completely unusable without purchasing everything you need. Keep it I won’t be wasting my money on it.

Useless Without Paying

Cannot do anything useful like the ads without buying stuff right away. I deleted it within 3 minutes of opening the app.


This app is the absolute best with all the options that are there for you to do to make your pictures and videos look better and even though theres more options if you pay, the free stuff is absolutely amazing and i have had so many positive comments on the one picture from the app i posted more than any other, its my new fav app.

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